Sweet Dreams



Sleep is a natural habit for everyone. Well, it’s not really about a habit but we have to sleep anyway. When we are tired, we need to rest. By resting ourselves, it will regenerate our body especially our mind. Of course with certain  incentive, we could stay awake as we might need extra energy to do works or anything that we have to. Uh, gaming all day long without sleeping is not really a good excuse unless if you’re trying to break a world record. Nonetheless, a sleeping person does look peaceful but not necessarily quiet. You see, a noisy people might as well being noisy while they’re sleeping too. Snore, snore and snore. But truly, a sleeping child does look cute or some cute looking girls who also look cute when they’re sleeping…. Ahahaha

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How it feels down there?



A fabric is used to not only covering things up but also provides comfortability during motion. The idea of clothing was to protect the body from scratches or injuries as well as embarrassment. From the ancient times to present, we could see how this clothing material evolved through various field of works and places. Inventions were made to ensure safety and ease of use. Soviet Russia survived Stalingrad as they used good and perfect materials that warmed them up during the cold despite their Nazi Germany counterpart having more clothing and surely expensive. British Army personnels were wearing shorts during the North African campaign as it proved to be comfortable but was a disaster in Southeast Asia campaign. Nowadays, synthetic fabric made through to the people as they’re more lightweight and durable. Yet, global warming is kinda making things hotter day by day. Some say it’s just a myth but those scientists trying so hard to prove that they’re right. For that matter, I present you a nopan gallery (technically, girls without panties).

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You’re gonna get…


Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape!

Raped. Yeah, that’s for the gallery today. It’s always amusing to see those expressions, isn’t it? Or that I am a sick bastard who have weird fetishism despite it’s only some hand drawn images plus a little bit of editing with computer applications. Try observe these images. Most of them are funny. Nothing explicit there actually (albeit a few that might have gone a little bit further). On the bright side, it’s not really something that evil as in ‘rape’. It is more about the situation rather than real self-enforcement unto the others. Believe me.

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Shrine Lady


Armpit Miko

Miko is basically the girl who works or helps around the shrine like in Japan. What makes this girl standout is the costume she wears. Well, it’s a kind of attraction for people to come to those shrines especially if cute girls wearing in miko outfit. So what does a Miko do? In modern days, they’re usually helping around the shrine (obviously) like cleaning, perform ceremonial dances during special days, fortune telling (called omikuji and quite popular) and others. Usually for a harem-like anime, there shall be at least one character who is devoted to the shrine either willingly or due to family matters, in which, the latter is the most chosen reason for them to be one. It’s a popular choice too for author to create a Miko character in visual novels and eroge. There’s like a forte for someone to wear hakama, the kind of miko clothing. There are various of hakama like the ones being worn by students at a dojo or even during social events. But for a Miko, it’s usually white robe with red hakama.

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Underpants + Stockings = Pantyhose

Aika x Al

Aika x Al

Pantyhose, which also called tights, is close fitting coverings the the body from waist to feet. Usually made of nylons. Don’t you think that it’s sexy? Girls with nice legs being cover in such thing. Albeit it is a little bit different than thighhigh stockings or zettai ryouiki.  Sometimes black, sometimes brown-ish. But the main point is that the pantyhose was made to the skin can be barely seen from outside. Well… hmmm…. aha…. I felt my pride as a normal good person is degrading now. Oh well…

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Bloody Good

Here we go again with animu gallery! For today’s theme, it is Bloody Good. For some reasons I would like to see some blood, be it nosebleed or all over the place. It’s abit hard for searching such tag on imageboards because eventually ‘blood’ tag will lead me to guro pictures and sometimes it’s involving bestiality. Nevertheless, here are some pictures that I like which I want to share with you all.


Zettai Ryouiki

Zettai ryouiki (絶対領域) loosely translates into “absolute territory” and is the area of bare skin seen between a skirt and thighhighs. As per usual for fandom who obsess about costumes, this can be considered a moe attribute and thus, present prominently in character designs and schoolgirl outfits. The term originates from Neon Genesis Evangelion to designate an area of Absolute Terror, although it’s had considerable semantic drift. In this case, it may jokingly refer to the fact it emphasizes a shorter skirt without actually becoming creepy and showing the underpants.Oh, well. Blatantly copied from internet again. Basically speaking, there are 3 important parts for Zettai ryouiki; skirt, skin and thighhighs.



Not sure why that I feel like to post more into my blog currently. IRL, I have much things needed to be done (especially my Masters’ assignments ._. ). But well, in conjunction with Manchester United’s owned arse at home ground last Saturday, I am very much delighted with Liverpool’s performance. Nyek nyek kambing~ lol (Nanti kalau Liverpool kalah, abis aku kena balik).

Anyhow, today’s topic is about Guitar. Everybody knows this musical instrument. If not, that’s blatant stupidity. Maybe someone lives in Africa or Greenland might never got to know a guitar? So, here goes the anime gallery with guitars.

Oh, if you guys noticed, I also changed my theme a little by adding more random banners above and also the lovely yandere Gasai Yuuno at the background replacing Nagi. The Imeem music has been changed too. =D