Kotobuki Minako

Kotobuki Tsu-.. I mean, Minako

Kotobuki Tsumu-.. I mean, Minako

It’s been awhile I haven’t posted any kind of gallery at all. So, here we have Kotobuki Minako of Sphere. I like her melancholic looks in some of the pictures. Her forehead is quite spacious I guess but that’s because of some of her hair style. Then again, this 20 years old seiyuu is pretty much have a long way to go. Good luck to her. Continue reading

Startline Single & Sphere Photobook

Sphere Observation photobook and Kotobuki Minako's Starline single with DVD

Sphere Observation photobook and Kotobuki Minako's Startline single with DVD

I didn’t expect for me to buy CD single of another seiyuu that other than Chihara Minori and Taketatsu Ayana. Heck, I never have any CD from Ayanyan yet as we speak. Actually, this is something I really wanted to get as otaku fags mostly are not interested to get a CD single of a seiyuu that its song doesn’t related with anime at all. Yes, Kotobuki Minako’s Startline is her second single after Shiny+ (which I wanted to get that as well but..) and this single that I bought is included with a DVD as well (… when I wanted to get Shiny+ with DVD, it’s already sold out). By the means of ‘otaku fags’ are anime fags CD rippers who didn’t rip her single and the PV on the DVD. Apart from Mina-chan, I wanted to get singles of Toyosaki Aki. Alas, her stuffs are even more rare to get (except CD singles without DVDs). Along with Mina-chan’s Starline, I purchased Sphere photobook that turned out to be grand with hardcover. Not bad for a 3000 yen photobook.

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B.L.T. Voice Girls Vol 2

B.L.T. Voice Girls Vol 2 cover

B.L.T. Voice Girls Vol 2 cover

Presenting Sphere, Tamura Yukari, Mizuki Nana, Takahashi Chiaki, purafyini, Chihara Minori, May’n, Mizuno Saaya, YuiKaori and Imai Asami. With a double-sided poster of Sphere of course.

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K-On! Live Event ~Let’s Go!~



K-On! Live Event ~Let’s Go!~ was the concert that was held in Yokohama Arena at the end of last year in Japan. A concert dedicated to the fans of K-On! from seiyuu of the characters. Not really sure how many were there during the concert but it is said that the capacity of the arena is 17,000. It’s safe to say that the visitor counts are around that. While I wasn’t there in the concert but I just ordered the Blu-ray copy of it from Amazon Japan :3

Azunyan :3

Azunyan :3

I decided to buy this off from the site because it’s Blu-ray, man. Well, what kind of shitty excuse was that? lol. Anyway, this Blu-ray of K-On! has became the best selling music Blu-ray in Japan so far with 22,000 copies sold in a week. I wasn’t included as one of the fags that made the record breaking though because I ordered my copy a bit later. The record even surpassed the previous record of Namie Amuro Blu-ray selling; 14,000 in a week and 21,000 copies altogether from last September. Record doesn’t mean anything much but I can conclude from here that many otaku in Japan do have Blu-ray players such as PS3. An otaku might have a PS3 to play games as well unlike normalfag. So it is normal for anime stuffs to be popular in Blu-ray format.

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4th Seiyuu Awards 2010

Two guys went over to Kinokuniya and spent more than RM 600++ to buy magazines and books that were previously ordered from Japan. Pretty funny to say that the amount is equivalent to a month’s pay for general worker at local factories or plantations or something like that and we were actually wasted them up on stuffs like these. Thank God that I got my Isetan card. So we got 5% discount on purchases at there. Some of the books had 20% off (like that Otacool 2 photobook which ultimaweaponx bought for kusakabemisao). Anyway, for my stuffs, one of the magazines is Voice Newtype 36. The 4th Seiyuu Awards 2010.

Presenting Ono Daisuke and Sawashiro Miyuki

List of awards winners:

Best Actor: Ono Daisuke
Best Actress: Sawashiro Miyuki

Best Supporting Actor: Namikawa Daisuke
Best Supporting Actor: Miki Shinichiro

Best Supporting Actress: Inoue Kikuko
Best Supporting Actress: Horie Yui

New Actor Award: Abe Atsushi
New Actor Award: Maeno Tomoaki

New Actress Award: Itou Kanae
New Actress Award: Toyosaki Aki

Best song: K-On! (Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Yoko, Satou Satomi, Kotobuki Minako, Taketatsu Ayane)

Best personality: Onosaka Masaya
Best Foreign Fans: Saiga Mitsuki

Lifetime Achievement Award: Takahashi Kazue, Genda Tesshou, Sugiyama Kazuko, Tanaka Nobuo

Tomiyama Takashi Awards: Mizuki Nana
Synergy Awards: Mobile Suit Gundam (Furuya Tooru, Ikeda Shuichi)

Kids Family Award (new): Mizuta Wasabi

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B.L.T. Voice Girls

This is actually an old stuff. Well, for those who actually care about it. I saw this photobook at Kinokuniya last time, for several times. as in several times of visits there (it’s like nobody cares about it). Only decided to buy it after some several thoughts of ‘why not?’ The cover has Hirano Aya on it. I knew that some people don’t like her which I guess some people might not be interested to buy such stuff. Truly speaking, I still like her (activating flameshield). But there are gems inside it. If you actually read the names of participating seiyuus

B.L.T. Voice Girls cover

From the name list there, you could see Hirano Aya, Mizuki Nana, Horie Yui, Sphere, Nonaka Ai, Inoue Marina, May’n and Nakajima Megumi (along with a double-sided poster of Hirano Aya and Mizuki Nana). In short, it has several pictures of the said names and some interviews with them. So, let’s roll on with some scanned images.

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