Minum Petang Lepas Sekolah

Darou ne?

I was at myclamyra’s house with other friends yesterday. Well, they’re doing some music recordings. The idea was to have a few people with talents gather up and do the recording. But it turned out several more people came along (sorry myclamyra lol). Anyway, we were recording God Knows song. Apart from myclamyra handling the bass, Eccentrical with guitar and chiaki with the drums, we had lovesummer for the vocal. Yeah, finally a girl for the singer. Well, uh, she’s from other community forum. Not from Lowyat.Net btw. Also, I took my chance to do simple photoshoot with my Nendroids, Kirisame Marisa and Hakurei Reimu.

Hee... :D

So there were like… how many people? Hmm, let’s see; myclamyra, Eccentrical, chiaki, lovesummer, Czero, ultimaweaponx, kusakabemisao, lightnokira, wanvadder and me. Basically, only 4 people were really required for the recording. Actually, the people that have almost to zero talents of playing instruments would be me, ultimaweaponx, wanvadder and Czero. Well, Czero is trying to learn drums tho. At least he got people who can teach him unlike me with my dusty violin. ultimaweaponx and me were trying to be helpful by recording videos of the recording session, teehee…

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