Takahashi Rie


Having several nicknames such as Rieri, Ri-chan, Chirori and Shieri, I am not sure which one should I use to call Takahashi Rie. Hmm, Ri-chan sounds easy. I only started to watch Gakkou Gurashi a few weeks ago. Initially, I watched Gakkou Gurashi OP Music Video which I bought months ago that included Minase Inori, Ichimichi Mao, Ozawa Ari and Ri-chan herself. Ri-chan was the only one I didn’t recognize on the clip.


On her background, Ri-chan actually went for audition while she’s still in high school. When being awarded for 81 Audition special prize, she’s wearing her school uniform. Later on when she graduated from high school, she attended seiyuu training school of 81 Actor’s Studio.


While she’s starting to get work as seiyuu since 2013, it wasn’t until July this year, 2015, that she finally got her roles as main characters. I like her voice as Naoki Miki so much and in Sore ga Seiyuu, her talents were shown as someone who capable of doing several kind of voices.

Since the seiyuu industry is quite hard just like how it’s being depicted in her Sore ga Seiyuu anime, will she be around after this? I certainly hope she’s able to get more works. Good luck to her.

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