Tachibana Rika


A 28 years old model, Tachibana Rika isn’t really a seiyuu. Of all, her seiyuu work is only as Kobayakawa Sae from The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls. For some reason, if you look at recent seiyuu idol magazines, she made several appearances despite being someone not that famous for this line work. Seiyuu idols are usually can be differentiate whether they’re doing heavily on seiyuu works (like Hanazawa Kana) or perhaps a multi talents idol. I think she might have joined Idolm@ster as some sort of luck and, Boom!, her character gained a lot of attention from fans and became a chosen character for the game (voiced) and finally in anime. Having hips bigger than her chest, it’s somewhat an interesting feature too.

Her 3-sizes are 72-60-83 cm. Oh, another trivia, her name 立花 (Tachibana) can be read as “Rika” too.

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