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When it comes to otaku out there, yeah, anime otaku, surely this kind of people have various opinions towards what kind of series that they like. It goes down from genres, characters, directors, studios, seiyuu and originality (such as manga, light novel, visual novel or original contents). In most cases, sites like 4chan will usually start shit-tasting other people’s opinions with moe characters. For instance, people always forgot how shitty Naruto was as they’re blinded with Hinata’s boobs growth in the recent anime movie.

For me, it always start with seiyuu first and characters. Whichever that looks or sounds interesting to me. I rather not trying to dwell much about mine since if someone starts saying my taste is shit, my eyes will start teary a bit by bit until a fountain flows downwards that makes the biscuits salty and eventually hug waifu (in form of dakimakura) while forgotten to login into the Internet for several days.

Well, yeah, but given the situation of anime industry in Japan right now, several things puzzled me much. Relating to the next anime airing for Spring 2015 season, a whooping 56 titles have placed their slots on various television channels with allocated airing times. Of course that it’s not only about late night series that many of perverted cave dwellers preferred. The number includes kids anime, mainstream series and such. But it’s still, for less than a hundred anime titles in the whole year of 2010, the number kept growing year by year and there were about 170 titles in 2014 alone.

What makes me pondering about? Surely people might think that with such number of titles, the animation industry in Japan is doing well. Perhaps but maybe in general. The recent anime related to the industry which is Shirobako does give us a lot of exposition, wait, wrong word. A lot of exposure about the industry. Yeah, poor lowest paid animators. But in reality, many titles didn’t sale well. Heck, some even sold only 30 to 40 copies a week especially on latest BD/DVD volumes.

We’re not talking about mainstream anime like Sword Art Online. While the anime does provide us many doujins due to staggering increase of moe waifus, it does have great plots and what caught me up with the series at first was due to its author, the relationship of the Sword Art Online and Accel World. But I hate the mainstream hype so I dropped SAO into the bin. Basically, the popularity of SAO did help in its sales and many cosplayers cosplayed the characters from it.

Just take a look from this site for recent anime BD/DVD sales, some fans might be happy seeing those sales of SAO and Shirobako topping others despite not even buying anything from the anime producers. Looking at Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso volume 1 BD sales, that’s roughly 30 million yen. Quite a sale considering it only came with 1 episode on blu-ray and another CD of songs (as some say, it was a series of underestimation). Sure, it made of quality so it deserved such sales. Yet some pure moe anime titles looked bad in raking more money.

What’s exactly that makes an anime successful in their sales? Well, perhaps something that make fans buy it. Sometimes, with correct ingredients, the results can be awesome. But sometimes, even with the same correct ingredients and tasty like the previous ones, fans might not really want to purchase it. Looking at low sales titles, Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai sales is better than Denkigai no Honya-san. Perhaps fans are not into an ecchi-yet-slow-romance anime compared to an ecchi-yet-there-is-a-battle-going-on-like-a-little-kid anime.

While I do preferred Denkigai over Daitoshokan, perhaps I can conclude that there’s still otaku preferences over fighting anime series, especially when it comes to female characters. You know, a single male MC with a bunch of strong female counterparts who going deredere over stuffs. Back to the list, Ushinawareta(ry had good plot and, of course, the original visual novel provides better experience, yet for displaying shitty quality of animation will certainly make people not interested to collect. Trinity Seven, for instance, made around 16 million yen there but it contains 2 episodes (plus extras). For starters, an episode may cost the studio averagely 10 million yen. Certainly we don’t know the exact cost the studio provide for the series.

Another tasty example over anime title that perhaps studios may follow is Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Pretty much from a shoujo manga may interest more towards shoujo fan base. But when it actually filled with fair characters on both side of male and female otaku with great amount of comedy, it’s not surprising to see such sales. People don’t easily fawn over yuri series, okay?

While there’s a lack of pure idol and yuri series this season, the next seasons might be filled with these genres again. Love Live!‘s fandom might be related to the increased idol groups popularity in Japan. Yuri anime is certainly on an increased level and there’s a prominent one this season like Yuri Kuma Arashi (not really a directly yuri anime but you can tell it is). But I am not sure if the trend will be long lasting as Love Live!’s on the roll after many anime with similar genre weren’t that popular previously. So, another one might not be as popular as this.

Ah, yeah, I am not sure how this blog ended up towards anime sales. Such opinions.

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