It’s been…. What?

How long has it been? August, September, October, November, December, January and now it’s February. Actually I have a lot of things on my mind about various stuffs. Stuffs that I wanted to tell but then decided… lazy to post anything. But one thing that I can tell you, I have stuffs, backlog stuffs, that I do planning on releasing them soon. Maybe later (or not? lol). 

Interestingly, I went to Jerusalem (in Israel or Palestine, whichever you prefer). Around October last year. Several weeks after that, I went to Indonesia, to my ancestor’s grave. The one blog post that I am currently writing (been writing and procrastinating) is about my journey to Jerusalem. Only half part of it written I think and it’s already 5000 words >_< While I didn’t plan to write anything about my journey in Indonesia.

Well, these two pieces of art that I made in just 2 days are accompanying this post. Some times when I got the mood, I can finish things up very fast. Haha.

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