Alodia Carnival 2012

If you’re expecting me to put up photos, no, I didn’t take any. Furthermore, it took a toll from that single day where my right foot failed me and I couldn’t move at all for about 3 days as the pain was too much for me to handle. But it also set me an awesome experience of not taking any picture at all.

While not all of the visitors of Animax Carnival 2012 were really interested with Alodia Gosiengfiao, it is enough to say that the infamous world celebrity cosplayer from the Philippines was the main attraction to this event which was held in 1Utama. Accompanied by two brethren of photo-journalists for Anime Shrine, wading through the crowds with Media a.k.a. Guest tags was no less easier since there were a lot of people. These two guys, linkinstreet and Hibiki, were already had interview session with Alodia at The One Hotel (nearby the event place) on the previous day which you can see the YouTube video I posted above.

Getting there early wasn’t a bad idea. But it went bad when the contact person from the organizer wasn’t there at the time. In conjunction to Animax special session where visitors can get freebies and whatnot along with meeting Alodia, visitors on the first day were required to bring an Astro billing sheet to get a pass for entrance. Of all, it’s a free entrance as long as you have the sheet.

The event area was pretty small. Something you can guess from a center court area of a shopping mall. But the visitors were tremendously high. The queuing was long. From the middle of the new wing up until the old wing of 1Utama. Some of the latecomers changed their mind when they saw that long line. Although some photographers and fans hurriedly went upwards when Alodia made her presence known inside the area.

Since it wasn’t my intention to take any picture, I was simply there to observe the people. So, it’s back to cosplayers-photographers business. Photographers were as vicious as vultures except that they don’t have wings, instead, they have keen eyes. It was pretty funny when I found an old schoolmate who was there taking pictures of cosplayers. This old friend of mine, however, didn’t recognize me or perhaps didn’t want to make a contact with me despite I was in front of him several times as I circling the area (as I knew his don’t-know-you habit).

For the cosplayers, I noticed a rather interesting knowledge that I believe useful to share. Apart from cosplayers having their own groups, sometimes in large numbers, I saw some cosplayers with their parents or family with them. By having a hobby that no longer hipster, I guess their families have accepted their idea of making some awkward costumes from Lala lands to be wore at such crowded place and even helping them. Perhaps it was for security reason since cute little girls with such obscene appearance to some others might be a dangerous situation if not being contained properly.

Another thing that amused me was cosplay couple. And there were several of them. Pretty obvious when this kind of couple tend to be by themselves with matching cosplay characters from the same series or whatever. Cute couples, weren’t they? Only to make you feel sad, single boy. Oh, as usual, the military cosplayers made their appearance as always. Hangmen included.

What was the best part of this event? The public reaction. I guess there were less anime events being held here in 1Utama which made some people were amazed with such unusual costumes.

Girl A: Apa benda semua tu? (What the hell is that all?) *pointing towards the crowd of cosplayers*
Girl B: Aliens… kot. (Aliens… maybe.)

Kid A: Eh, yang tinggi tu ape? (Hey, what’s that tall thing?) *pointing at a Monster Hunter cosplayer*
Kid B: Godzilla?

Announcer: Ayase! Ayase!
Passerby: Hah, Yasser? Sape Yasser? (Huh, Yasser? Who’s Yasser?)

Another fun thing I saw was this young woman, standing nearby a pillar while crossing her arms. Afterwards, she finally speak out to a man, “Dah ke bang? (Is it done, honey?)”. The man, who kept taking pictures of cosplayers, only answered, “Jap jap… (Hold on…)” Aw, maaan, that’s so epic. A husband brought his wife to such event while he’s busy taking pictures of those girls.

All in all, the event was pretty much a success one for the organizer. While I met a lot of people, there were very few that I know. Almost all of the cosplayers were newfags. Some of them I recognized as cosplayers during CF in KLCC last year. Pretty much I am wondering what happened to my old cosplayer friends. Perhaps they’re done with it?

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