Lolicon Master Race

All men like lolis

All men like lolis

Oh God, you must be thinking about some racing championship where the drivers are lolicons, aye? But proud lolicons know best of what they like compared to saggy chest full of fat. Actually, this is just a little bit my observation after I dived into the world of fetishism and perversion. An observation to compare what the majority preferred (exaggerating, of course, without proper statistics) and the less mainstream but growing preferences over pixelated girls.

In general, people like big breasts. Be it Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans or Malaysians. “Wow, look at those boobs, bro.” It stands true to almost everyone except a selected few who embraced the cult of DFC. In otaku world, the similar situation occurs and, in fact, we can make some obvious separation between who love Naruto dumbshit and the prestigious bloodline of Aryan otaku. The Aryans (I will further use this term for the otaku master race) have deeper knowledge of otaku kingdom compared to the other shitheads, obviously. Apart from the kinds of anime they watch, they knew the terms, culture and other shits that even I don’t understand them much.

To give a simple example, look at shit Naruto fanboys and any similar shounen fanshits who usually don’t even know what’s the meaning of shounen itself. When a good looking girl of anime character appears (I choose a somewhat neutral word of ‘good looking’) within an episode of anime or perhaps some drawing of images by some artists, their reaction would be something like, “Wow, she’s so sexy!” If the girl did some out-of-character acts like Erza from Fairy Tail who accidentally fell into a pothole, “Haha, she’s funny!” And then she uttered some rare to be heard voice upon falling into that pothole which the response is like, “Whoa, her voice is so cute!” How the Aryans react if they stumbled into the same situation? Replace those italic words with ‘moe’.

You see, the Aryans are pretty deep in explaining something. It requires a lot of efforts to understand how they’re thinking. ‘Moe’ cannot be translated or understood easily even for the Japanese themselves as the meaning itself is not certain. By implying something to be ‘moe’, one can be several meanings. While some Aryans can be appeared to be some one who think that they’re a part of Japanese people, it is understandable that that’s just an act to conceal themselves of their power levels. The ‘moe’ word might be only an abbreviation of mostly everything in this side of the world. For instance, there are a lot more words that always being used together. ‘Dojikko’, ‘megane’, ‘kawaii’, etc. Pretty much simple but surely on the higher level if you start using bukkake, paizuri, gokkun, wakizashi, and others. Uguuu.

Back to the main point, the love of lolicons are those who have a flat chest. But on a dangerous level, they love underage girls. Despite that, the thing that differentiates between a lolicon and a pedophile is that, the former loves 2D. It is widely known that majority of Aryans would say 3D pig disgusting that pointed towards real world people. So, you understand now, pig? Yeah, even if you’re a part of Aryans, you’re still a pig. Now, that’s the beauty of lolicons. Loving 2D characters is not a serious matter since age does not apply (heck, even if a girl is 495 years old but still holds the body of an underage with a flat chest, it’s still a loli). It’s like playing stupid games such as Modern Warfare where you killed thousands of people in every match while in reality you never harm anyone. In a way, it’s safe to say that a lolicon will not harm your kids! Because your kids are pigs anyway.

In the earlier days than now, many series had most of it’s character with bigger boobs. Comic Party for example had all the girls to have some voluptuous bodies except for Chisa-chan, the printing girl. Then again, Chisa-chan was a character that made to be like a friend or a little sister rather than for a date. Well, with Comic Party, we can see how such a light story could encourage more people to have their ambition towards being an… otaku. Hmm, if I try to think carefully again, I guess Comic Party can be considered as a one of a kind of series that tried a new way of presenting their work that was pretty much successful. A modern day example of similar situation with Comic Party is Bakuman. But sadly, Bakuman didn’t have Chisa-chan in it.

A yummy looking Chisa-chan

A yummy looking Chisa-chan

Gradually, tiny little girl character with a flat chest became as significant as a subject of a lover. Especially through dating simulation games like Sister Princess (it was started as novel and manga though). Wait a second, both Sister Princess and Comic Party were in the same time of release (笑). Hmm, but looking back at SisPri, it was pretty much successful. It has incestuous and lolicon feelings but at nothing of nudity were shown and the story were usually like whenever you choose a girl, she will turn up to be a non-blood related sister at the end (so, pretty much safe?). And yes, there were flat chested girls in it.

In a very skeptical manner, girls with boobs are usually to be considered as stupid (larger means stupider), old and wild-mannered by the lolicon Aryans. But psychologically, a loli is considered to be easy to be manipulated. Yes, Aryans are thoughtful and always looking at their enemies as lolis. Somehow, does having a flat chest makes you girls feel relieved that there are people who might like you? Not a chance, pig.

Don’t worry, I still love pigs.

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  1. I hate it that in some countries they are banning loli. It seems that they are blaming loli for the crimes. They are doing it wrong. Instead of hunting art, they should go outside and prevent the crimes. I swear that the government and a others are becoming unreliable and unreasonable nowadays.

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