Animangaki 2011

Took me awhile to write this because I got caught up with other stuffs. Especially some rage stuffs. Hey, it’s already more than two weeks, so, yeah, not really that late. Again, the anime event was held at the same place as last year which was the Multi Purpose Hall of Sunway University College.

Band Pass

Band Pass

This event was the day marked as my first ever performance as a guitarist for Bad Apples. Thinking back, it’s almost 9 months I bought my Telecaster which I learn to play mostly by myself and also with the help of my friends especially Eccentrical and Brian. Nine months seemed long but I didn’t take any proper class so it’s something neat to brag on but musical skill is something largely related with practice, practice and practice.

To be honest, my skill isn’t that good enough. Even lacking the proper technique for starters. I still couldn’t memorized the chords very well. Like I said before, I preferred to be a rhythm guitarist. So, the simple thing like power chords are good enough for me. Over the course of playing guitar, I gradually started to love doing the solo parts. Somehow, it’s just a distant dream for me currently. I’ve been told to take classes if I want to improve myself. Well, that would be later on.

Back to the event itself, if cosplayers were busy knitting, sewing, making props, etc. for their costumes, we band members were also busy practicing with songs that we gonna perform on the day. Between cosplayers and us, we didn’t get paid for such event since we are a bunch of minority people who love anime convention so much that we would like to do something for it. Something happening. The passion on making a cool, trendy and nice¬†occasion.

Our performance may took only 30 minutes. Of course with several songs but be in mind that that’s the only chance to perform the songs. Unlike practicing that we could simply do-over, a real performance on a stage is totally different. A lot of things to take note like, ‘What if my string snapped?’, ‘What if the drum sticks broken?’, ‘What if the microphone isn’t working?’, ‘What if they don’t have enough amplifiers?’, ‘What if the power is not sufficient?’ and many more. These are things that we always have in our mind. Furthermore, the instruments and the equipments are not something cheap.

Two days before the performance day, we had our session at a studio near Cheras since the next day some of us were not available. Though we planned to do another session a couple of hours just before we perform. As usual, we discussed about things need to do and to bring. For instance, Brian himself planning to bring about 3 guitars and also another left handed guitar in case Mudmaniac guitar got a problem later. It’s a rather big problem if we couldn’t find a replacement guitar for a left handed guy like him. I also being told to bring my Fender amplifier. Heck, I even prepared another guitar cable for myself. Chiaki as usual planned to bring his own hit-hat and cymbals for the drum. The day before performance, I simply practice the songs by myself and then decided to sleep early. But when I woke up at 8:05 a.m. …

I just got a text that all bands performing that day are needed to be at the hall for sound check at 9 a.m. I was like, what the fuck? I mean, I just woke up and I need to go there early by 9? So I was rushing like hell. Since our performance will only be started at 5:30 p.m. and we planned to do a practice session around the noon, I was planning to do some personal stuffs at home and not to mention that Hari Raya was only a few days before that so there might be people coming to the house especially on weekends. Well, I had to go. I put everything needed in my car and drove off to Sunway. Halfway through, I realized that I forgot to bring my Boss ME-50 effector. Goddamnit. Well, whatever. I was trying my best to arrive there as soon as possible. But of course I was late for about 30 minutes, only that…

… the sound guy also hadn’t arrived yet. Sweet. So, what’s the point for me to come there early? A few of the band members were also there even earlier than me and, yeah, for what? Furthermore, the notice we got was late at night and yet the sound guy hadn’t come yet. In addition to that, we waited almost an hour until each band groups were allowed to do the sound check. Although, only the other bands can do the checking first as we’re the last band gonna be perform that day anyway. Heck, that was almost the time when the main event gonna start.

When I arrived there, people were still preparing for the booths and mostly hadn’t even yet arrived. There were no cosplayers at all during the time. Well, it’s not even started yet. Since I knew a few of the guys within the organizing committee and they’re there, I had the chance to talk with them and asking them some stuffs around. These guys are almost like the professional organizers. Yeah, how could you missed these guys anyway for all these years?

So, since it’s almost the noon, we decided to go for practice at a studio nearby while ignoring the idea of sound checking since the stage is now occupied with the event itself. The studio is in SS 16. It looked pretty near on the Google Maps but took awhile to go there due to traffics. The session went well despite I was very hungry as I didn’t eat anything since morning. Nasi Goreng Mamak was nice. Together with Iced Lemon Tea. It was raining outside the restaurant but stopped just as we finished eating. Heading back to the college was a bit longer as I mistakenly showed wrong way to Chiaki and we had to detour before reaching the place.

It was crowded. I met a lot of my friends there. Cosplayers, photographers, sellers, visitors. Since there were still programs going on at the stage, people were the most around there. Several cosplayers were sitting at the sides of the hall as some chairs were provided for them. My mind was still thinking about the performance so I didn’t take picture at all despite I brought my LX3. Heck, when Kuro.Cat performance almost gets started, even I took out my guitar and started self practicing¬†again for the last minute…

… only to be disturbed by friends. Well, I don’t really mind but for some reason people kept coming to me and talking about stuffs, snapping photos like, uh, I mean, what the fuck? I became nervous and people just didn’t stop talking to me. I never felt like this before when I was performing in other events. But maybe because it’s my debut as a guitarist, it gave me some sort of pressure. How should I say… Anxiety. Soon, our turn to perform came up.

It was bad. For me, at least. Didn’t I always like this after each performance? Ahaha. But really, I kinda lost my concentration. Especially the solo part for “Watashi no Koi wa Hotchkiss” song. To be honest, I did it well during the practice. It’s a song that I have been practicing months ago, so, it shouldn’t be hard to play. Somehow, I failed. Due to my anger, I tossed away my hat at the back stage (which I forgot about it and later Myclamyra picked it up for me). Overall, it turned out OK. Well, just about that. Myc had been insisting that we were still at the “play music” stage rather than “performing”. Because performing means interaction between us and audiences as well. Of course we had a little bit interaction with the audiences but too bad there were not that many audiences during our late performance time compared to performing around the noon earlier.

Oh, one might be wondering about the songs list. Started with “Bad Apple”, “Watashi no Koi wa Hotchkiss”, “Melt”, “My Song”, “Rewrite” and finally “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari”. Some videos below.

So, I didn’t take anything much during the first day. I went to the event on the next day for awhile. Looking around for stuffs and took several pictures. Photos from Animangaki 2011 is here for you to look at. I am still wondering whether if I should use Flickr or Picasa for hosting up multiple images like this. On the final note, just after the performance…

Tangan kejang...

Tangan kejang...

P/S: Akhir kata, siap la korang time nak akad nikah nanti aku tanya kau macam2, flash2 kamera kat muka kau supaya lafaz kau tak jadi.

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