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Sanya and Eila, really out of character

Sanya and Eila, really out of character

When it’s about time we talk about music, everyone has their own preferences. For me, a person who indulges with a somewhat niche market of music which is anime music, I do find other genres to be lack of interesting. It is the same when other people doesn’t like my choice of music. But to be honest, my interest with anime or Japanese music doesn’t mean I like them totally. Nor do I hating other musics very much. It back to the basic of music itself. But first, let me talk a little bit about music here and there.

Certainly, there are many kinds of genre. That would take time to write them all. So, rather than genre, I will divide it into regionals; Malaysia, Japan, West and others. Modern day music is usually goes with the flow. If a new kind of music seems to be popular, others will follow it. For instance, electronic music was being popularized during 70s and 80s. While the usage is still popular, the tune has been different as things have became better with more choices of musical instruments on the machines. Malaysian music is rather average. There are popular songs but I didn’t really see them as something that can make others following them. Because they’re copied from others to make it sound nice. Things like punk, metal, grunge, etc. are things from outside that being brought in. Irama Malaysia being copied by the West? Hell no. Though, I do believe there might be some tiny supporters for this kind of songs.

Looking at Malaysia again, things might be dull, boring, stupid, tasteless, and other bad things that we can put the guilty on. Apart from locally known syndrome of “cannot watch others doing better than me thus I am jealous so I have to eliminate them” among the Malaysian people, the efforts are not really that great. Talk about being negative. To be honest, while it’s not really my preferences, I do take a little bit of knowledge about our local music scenes (well, mainly because I couldn’t stand reading those gossip sections in the local entertainment column on the newspaper). I hate useless love songs that seemed to be abundant. USELESS. LOVE. SONGS. Some indy band copied Linkin Park style of music and pasted some lovey dovey lyrics on it, it turned out to be shit. The male vocalist cried, yelled, screamed, throughout the song talking about love. I mean, what the fuck?

But, that’s not really a bad thing in the long run, eventually. In the past 10 years, Malaysian musics have evolved into something that I believe better than before. For instance, what can you expect from the entertainment of the local scene back then? Songs of ballad or maybe traditional were everywhere. Sang by many artists… let me rephrase that, sang by many singers, singers who didn’t deserved to be called artists because they only knew how to sing, none other than that. And the songs were composed by practically one or two guys. Yep, freaking many songs which were composed by same composers. Just because we have many singers, doesn’t mean the songs will be that much differences. When some artists tried to bring in genres from the West, they’re blamed for trying to torment the ‘greatness’ of our musics. Another thing that should be worth to point out is the local productions houses. Like any corporate industries, they want to monopoly. They give shitty returns to the artists while they get large profits from the sales of the albums. The reasons why some artists tried to create their own production houses while struggling to maintain it. Also they usually are reluctant to accept new genre of songs because they afraid things won’t sell.

So, we have a new kind of market today. It’s called the independents or indies for short. They only sell a bunch of discs while performing at a small scale with a very few but fanatic followers which enough for them to make a living and gradually expanding themselves. It looks insignificant to those bigger companies but when many of them opted for indies, that gonna be a hell for them. Pretty much served them right because they’re practically one of the obstacles that limiting the expanding musics in Malaysia. If you remember how some of them making discouraging statements on papers years ago. Pop Shuv It, a Hip Hop band who didn’t make it at the local scene several years ago but eventually made a bucks in Japan. You see, they didn’t really go with the idea of dominating the hearts of all Malaysians but rather finding a few of them and make them the most fanatical followers. Imagine if you could gather a 0.01% of total population in Japan who would become the hardcore fans of yours that willing to buy every single that you produce. That’s what indies aiming for, unlike the bigger brothers in the industry. In my opinion, our local musics do become better these days while the choices might be limited for me.

What about the other parts of the world? I categorized Korean for being good, Japan as better while Western musics to be motherfuckingsuckass. I am not sure why the Western people become so bullshit when it comes to making musics today. There’s a reason why I put Korean musics as good while Japan as better. It’s not about being biased but look it this way as I quoted from my friend, “Korean songs are for watching. Japan songs are for listening.” Of course, who wouldn’t get aroused seeing those lovely legs and bodies of Korean girls dancing along with nice songs (unless if you’re a women or some faggots). Unfortunately, while their songs are catchy and nice to listen to, but, yeah with a but, they’re usually electronics. Gimme them some instruments and surely they won’t be able to recreate the songs during live performances. The concerts are just some girls on the stage while the musics came out from prerecorded discs. The Japanese are different. In general, or should I say majority of their songs, they’re producing many different kind of songs with different kind of musics yet it’s something performable on stages. They also have many concerts that I am pretty much would love to attend. Even the infamous Vocaloids have good songs despite the singers are voice synthesizers. It’s true that my love for musics might be shallow as I picked up guitar just because of moeblob cartoons from Japan. But it is not on the reason because I love them musics so much that I would love to play them myself.

Back to the point where Western music being shit, yeah, they’re shit. Well, they have became the worst thing within 10 years. I myself not sure why it became like this. Heck, even the Malaysians are currently in a better state than them. Try to watch MTV or Channel V and you know it. Full with a bunch of Hip Hop songs with a few dance songs just like those Koreans but lacking hot chicks. I remember back then when I love to watch those channels as they had good songs. What happened to their new kids? Unable to produce good musics anymore? This is like Hollywood movies a few years ago only that their movies are actually become better.

This is where we find some people who opted for old songs. Call them oldfags. Heck, I do like old songs. Surely I can tell you that the songs are nice and better than now. It doesn’t mean I want to stay that way though. I hate it when they’re being ignorant about current songs. “Wings and Search are the best of all time.” I got that almost all the time. They said that today’s local musics suck but eventually when being asked what’s so suck about it, about the band, how and why they suck, they couldn’t produce an answer. They don’t even know who are the current players in the industry. Why? Like I said, they’re being ignorant. Totally ignoring them. Hey, at least I take note about local scenes, okay? Ana Raffali and Yuna are good enough. The Hujan band guys are not bad too despite some people making a fuss over them taking some anime songs and localized it.

In the end, it’s all about preferences. People can go selfish about theirs. So selfish until they do not want to listen to what the others say. This post is simply just some thoughts. There might be some mistakes here and there but sure it’s because I am just a normal guy. Music is really not my proper field.

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  1. Music taste is very subjective, and we can go into lengthy rants on which kind of music sucks – so let’s just leave that out.

    Commercial music doesn’t impress me, so it’s better to go into older stuff and other obscure releases. I don’t groove much with most of our local release, but I’ll admit some of the independent releases are neat.

    You nailed it right on. Probably the main reason why most local music doesn’t impress me.

    Well, at the end of the day, tastes are overrated.

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