Thou Enraged?

Actually I wanted to write stuff about something else but some shits happened several hours ago that made me feel funny. Well, I am a bit sarcastic although sometimes can be easily trolled but this is literally funny. As you know, I love to create artworks by copying from original source and then I added some pepper and salt to make it more delicious. The artworks I am talking about is the Moeslim images that I took some liberty to add head veils over my favorite anime characters. Apparently some people don’t like it. They hate it and loathe it until they want to throw a molotov cocktail into a mosque. It’s suggestive but still a threat. (a link to image capture here in case you couldn’t see the Facebook links above)

Haters gonna hate

Haters gonna hate

So, my artworks fuel terrorism act among non-Muslims in Malaysia? From my side, a lot of people praising me for doing such Islamic artworks despite not really original. Pretty much I saw some people using my stuffs on Facebook especially those greeting card images I created. I do received negative response from some Muslims because they prefer to separate the non-Islamic materials into Islamic matters, in this case Japan. Especially when Japan anime and manga stuffs are prone to turn into sensual stuffs. But this is the first ever enraging and full of hate comments I’ve ever saw. You know what? You just gave me ideas and passions to create more stuffs like these. Especially your Shana and Saber.

Oh, if you ever watched Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, just imagine the early part from the first episode that Kirino actually waking up her brother, Kyousuke, for Subuh prayer. I might turn that into a parody Islamic comic if I got the mood to do it. Or any of you can make it since I just give you an idea.

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  1. LOL, sounds more like your artwork inspires stupid raeg among weaboo retards in Malaysia. Idiocy is race-agnostic. 😀 If that’s the case, I should be up in arms as well.

    …but why? Marah tengok Taiga convert ke? Derp.

    • When I thought this anime is reall but it is not.. But it better u use create other characher wearing hijap u… I’m muslim.. and as u noe.. I felt little dissapointed u make this pic from some porn anime char.. I do appreciate ur artwork but it’s better u create ur own character/story about anime wearing hijab or about muslim… we as muslim are forbidden to see what we call aurat/ or in ur language ‘sexy(sorry my bad english).. if u do this artwork it as same as encouraging or wild thought to some peope.. no wonder some non-muslim are angry with ur artwork…

  2. lol I had that also, When a friend of mine posted your K-Ons with jilbab thingie, someone mad because he think (i think it’s a he) it’s a heresy. Lulz were had and now i befriend him. It’s funny how stupid people are sometimes

  3. Hahaha, I’ve uploaded pics of those from CF10 to my Facebook profile and I also got a nice argument between my IRL (really enraged) and online friends (trolling).

    What a screenshot?

  4. Just read the whole thing, and somebody here mentioned Kirino is a porn character. Lol. Watch anime more my friend, anime isn’t all about Naruto, Bleach and One Piece =)

  5. Hello there!

    I am Muslim too, I’m from Russia, my nation is Tatar, and I should admit that…
    …that your creations are so kawaiiiiii! ^w^ I’ve found them hilarious and fresh minded at the same time *U*

    Seriously, I don’t understand orthodox Muslims. They care about “oh, don’t do that, don’t do this, or you will go to Sheitan after death!” So they actually care about things that they won’t ever see, in which they only can believe. Unlike them, I just believe in Allah, in Muhammed and that my religious symbol is a moon crescent. I live like other modern western people, I hate terrorism, I think that islamists are crazy and only worth to be captured and turned to jail. I don’t like repressions which US do in Libya, they have no rights to this. I watch anime, listen to music and so on. Tatar girls near me wear things just like other girls, nobody wears hijab, you won’t recognize that they are muslims until you ask them.

    Thing that I hate is that people don’t know that islamists and muslims are different and mix them. Misunderstanding causes deaths and rage. Muslims now are on place of witches in Middle Ages. That’s really sad and makes me feel bad. I know it’s because of US propaganda and western mass media, but I can’t do anything against it without being a terrorist, there is just no other way, people don’t understand words from random people like me. T_T

    Let’s just hope that people will understand truth themselves or somebody with much charisma will told the truth without fear 😀

  6. Lol, this is funny and hilarious.

    Anyway, stay fun and continue this parodies. Sure, I am guilty of following parodies like this because i know there will be shitstorm(unless there is no racists or trolls anymore on the internet)…

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