Comic Fiesta 2010

CF '10

CF '10

Comic Fiesta, a yearly end of the year event, was held at Berjaya Times Square Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on 18th and 19th December. Saturday and Sunday. The new venue is quite smaller than in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre last year. Being told that the attendees were around 11,000 and it was more than previous ones, the place was surely cramped like hell. Few might have never thought that the event that actually focuses more on comic industry in the country has currently became a large convention of cosplaying people along with doujin works that being sold instead of original products by local artists.

IrTea, all the way from Sabah, cosplaying as Lili

IrTea, all the way from Sabah, cosplaying as Lili

Honestly, I am not feeling well right now. It’s already been 3 days being like a sick guy only to rest on the bed. Can’t think much at the moment on what to write so I just let you guys enjoy the photos taken on both days.

Obviously I got more stuffs to write about the event.

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  1. get myself the nyoron card

    figuremall fig lineup this time seems sikit :’x no FATE ! like last year XD

    love the nips gals 😡 and guest18 is sew <3
    really lol when he really sit at the macross booth ? and giving shiryuu pic for free lmao

    get well soon :)

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