OreImo Seiyuu

There’s somewhat a festival of OreImo where its seiyuus were attending. Nothing biggie except that they’re being cute here (including Nakamura? lol).

The cast

The cast

You know what? I love that look on Kana-chan. Simply just like Kuroneko. Brosuke Nakamura looks rather uncool there. Well, when he was gaining popularity as Alto in Macross Frontier, he always had that macho and serious look. Anyway, from the front starting on left are Nabatame Hitomi (Saori Bajina), Taketatsu Ayana (Kousaka Kirino, more moe than Kirino herself) and Hanazawa Kana (Gokou Ruri @ Kuronek-hnnnnnnnnnnnnngh). On the back are Nakamura Yuuichi (Brosuke), uh, I think she is Satou Satomi (Tamura Manami) but why she looks so weird there?, and Hayami Saori (Aragaki Ayase).

Source: Ayanyan’s blog

And yes, Ayanyan is my main idol now.

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