Bon Odori 2010 Shah Alam

There were only few people at the beginning...

There were only few people at the beginning...

So I went to this Japanese cultural festival called Bon Odori which was held at Matsushita Stadium in Shah Alam last Saturday. As the event gonna be started at 5.00 PM, ultimaweaponx, yafex and I planned to go to Czero’s house in Shah Alam earlier. Well, the plan was to gather/park at his place and ride a bus from KTM station there to the stadium with others and we would like to use a new highway that partially being opened for public use namely SKVE. Around 4.00 PM, we departed from ultima’s house at Seri Kembangan all the way to SKVE. Of course that the new highway paths haven’t being applied to any existing GPS application as of yet, so it’s like a gamble that we might getting lost on the way. While we had minor detours because of lack of GPS data maps, we managed to arrive at Shah Alam pretty earlier than what we might achieve if we used the usual way through LDP, Federal or whatever the highway name was. What’s more, as soon as we exited the highway connected to ELITE highway, we immediately saw the entrance to the stadium so we decided to go there instead of going to the gathering place. The journey took about 30 minutes but we spent another 30 minutes to find parking place for my car and also strolling through from the car park to the stadium.

This was my first time at Bon Odori. Packed with people and I usually was only staying at the same spot while taking up pictures from afar. The football field turned into food market was crowded. While there were various kinds of Japanese foods being sold, people can tell that they’re overpriced. Which was why we bought our foods and drinks earlier before coming to here. Takoyaki booths were crowded and if I am not mistaken, there were 3-4 booths selling them. I wanted to get the Unagi rice over there but the queue was long. I ended up getting an inari norimaki sushi (sushi of pickled ginger and fried tofu). Beers were cheap as they’re directly sold from the factories. A can of beer is usually priced at RM 15++ if you bought at local shops outside due to high taxes but you can get a can at RM 8 there. Being a cultural festival of other nation, authorities enforcement over stuffs like this kinda lax and slipshod. If someone actually mentioning this matter to Harian Metro, it would create a havoc lolol. Anyway, rather than being an event for remembering the dead, the thing became an exposure of Japanese culture to the people.

Guess what? The Bon Odori 2010 in Shah Alam, Malaysia, became the largest ever Bon Odori held outside Japan with estimated 30,000 people attending the 5.00 to 9.00 PM event as reported by Yahoo Japan and NHK.

Edit: Added a video I uploaded on YouTube

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