B.L.T. Voice Girls

This is actually an old stuff. Well, for those who actually care about it. I saw this photobook at Kinokuniya last time, for several times. as in several times of visits there (it’s like nobody cares about it). Only decided to buy it after some several thoughts of ‘why not?’ The cover has Hirano Aya on it. I knew that some people don’t like her which I guess some people might not be interested to buy such stuff. Truly speaking, I still like her (activating flameshield). But there are gems inside it. If you actually read the names of participating seiyuus

B.L.T. Voice Girls cover

From the name list there, you could see Hirano Aya, Mizuki Nana, Horie Yui, Sphere, Nonaka Ai, Inoue Marina, May’n and Nakajima Megumi (along with a double-sided poster of Hirano Aya and Mizuki Nana). In short, it has several pictures of the said names and some interviews with them. So, let’s roll on with some scanned images.

HIrano Aya

Hirano Aya-chan!


Of course there are more pictures of her with different poses but I only scanned the ones that I liked.

Horie Yui


Eternally 17

Horie Yui is still beautiful and cute despite her real age around 30s.


The 4 girls of Sphere

Sphere is a group of 4 girls who actually active in voice casting and also making singles. They are as follows:

Kotobuki Minako

Takagaki Ayahi

Tomatsu Haruka

Toyosaki Aki

Aki and Minako are famous for their K-On! characters too.

Nonaka Ai

Nonaka Ai

I love her smile

Personally speaking, I am not liking Nonaka Ai’s albums much or songs. But she has a great voice for acting as she’s already on various series. I hope some composers or something could create some good songs for her.



A decent looking girl but a great singer

I was never really her fan before. Heck, I was invited to her live concert in Kuala Lumpur before through free ticket (though I became a media photographer instead later). Perhaps because she looks ordinary but I do like people with great talents despite a little bit lacking on the surface. ¬†However, such chance at KL Live was really a turning point for me to become a fan of her. Seriously, she is a great singer. Her performance was really great. She’s pretty amazing and strong voice which could overpower the whole hall itself. Good job on the concert. Hope you do well in the future.

Nakajima Megumi

Nakajima Megumi

Girls do look good if they give pretty smile

Like May’n, Megumi is pretty famous because of Macross Frontier. Well, I bet you guys knew about her more than me.

Inoue Marina


Lovely as always

I don’t think I should talk about her more. She’s one of the goddesses of seiyuu world. You may go here for more information about her :3

Mizuki Nana

Always smiling

This is actually a very cute gown

One of the seiyuu that actually dedicated her life on making albums. Her roles for animu series are quite a few. I am not a hardcore fan of her though I would love to have her coming to Malaysia for concert or something like that XD

There are actually several more pages for newcomers like Nanri Yuka, ELISA and Aso Natsuko but their pictures were very few (as in one for each of them). Yeah.

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  1. Yui Horie is pretty hot, and she remains hot for ever. aya hirano is also hot, i love them both hope one day i meet them just to say HI to them…!!!!

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