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I bought a Newtype magazine for March 2010 a couple of weeks ago. The 300th anniversary special of Newtype. Honestly speaking, I am not into Newtype magazine and the reason I bought it just because there’s the delicious pictures information about the upcoming delicious Nagato Yuki Suzumiya Haruhi movie. Basically, good stuffs *grins*

That bloody attracting Next H words does make my mind thinking something more 'attractive'

Of course, many other people have already talking about this movie stuffs but I am intrigued by the special edition of the 300th Anniversary Specials. Some sort of additional supplement booklet to the Newtype mag itself. It shows the history of Newtype from the first release until the current 300 Spartans. Even the main editor looks freakishly nerdy back in 1984 but somewhat normal looking guy for 2010. He looked really like a guy from Sparta with beards and stuffs but clean-shave in 2010. Though, the most interesting stuff to me is the graphical depiction of otaku for the year 1985 and then 1995 until the current otaku of the year 2010. Also there are other types of person that were never seen before this.

This is the year 1985

Looking at this nerd guy of 1985, it is not surprising to see those gaming console of the old (4), the Nintendo, or having that robot figure (5) and manga (7). The TV (2) and video tape player (3) are the old stuffs. I missed those. But surprisingly, anime music on vinyl records (6) is something unusual for me. Never thought of seeing something like that for me. Well, I was born on 1984, so.. yeah. On a note for the poster (8), it was very much like normal poster of real idols rather than anime-like.


So, 10 years later. I believe nothing much really changed except that we have better players like the LD and other disc-based players (3)(6). Also, the emergence of personal computer in the room (1). Poster is getting more anime-like stuff (8). This time, there were more variety of console games (4) like that Sega Genesis. Be in mind though, Sony Playstation was released on 1994.

The current era

Now its the otaku of the year 2010. Pretty much quite a difference from the year 1995. For example, we have additional stuff like dakimakura here (1). Digital music player (8) is something small and portable unlike that freakingly big vinyl player in 1985. Apart from dakimakura, there’s also towel that has anime girl on it (7). More girl-ish stuffs like that figures and plushie (6). This is somewhat interesting to give a note because such thing would only appeal to little girls in the past. For some weird reason, some males do like such thing, aye? Smaller and portable computer is not really that surprising (5). Similar to that thinner TV of LCD or Plasma (3). Though, the posters (4) are somewhat interesting to look at. It has became more adorable, agreeable, alluring, attractive, beautiful, beckoning, bewitching, captivating, charming, comely, enchanting, engaging, enthralling, enticing, fascinating, fetching, glamorous, good-looking, gorgeous, handsome, hunky, interesting, inviting, looker, lovely, luring, magnetic, mesmeric, pleasant, pleasing, prepossessing, pretty, provocative, seductive, stunning, tantalizing, teasing, tempting, winning and winsome.


Yeah, interestingly, this male-dominated stuff has been affecting the other gender. This is the normal view of a room for a normal girl who slightly might have interest on anime but lesser hardcore. This kind of girl usually someone who likes to cosplay (5). For me, the room looks somewhat normal. Move on to the next part….


Fujoshi, an equivalent type of male otaku for females. Some of them are just like any male hikkikomori who would rather have their living in their own rooms. It is interesting to see poster of gorgeous male character (4). For a fujoshi, they’re pretty much hardcore persons when it comes to anime stuffs. Something that we know exist for male counterpart. If we can have nerd face guy with spectacles sitting in front of multiple computers, you could get the similar beings on some fujoshis.

However, it is important to take note that otaku are something that being seen a lowly life in Japan. Actually it is because of those extreme hikkikomori or closet otaku. Means someone who never steps out of his/her room. Because of this, general citizen of Japanese always consider them as disgrace. Not all otaku are not like that though. But they’re nearer to such hikkis which makes some people don’t like them. Due to that, otakus not from Japan should be careful when going to Japan. Just because they’re Japanese doesn’t mean they like anime. This is because misconception of otaku always seen over a Japanese. Like my friend before who immediately talking about anime to a Japanese that he just met where the Japanese guy simply went, “lolwut?”

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  1. wait…on the 1995, isnt the console on (4) is Sega Saturn? im pretty sure with the design, plus the game on the tv(2) is actually Virtua Fighter 1 XD

  2. gambar 2

    no.4, konsol tu aku rasa bukan sega genesis, tapi sega saturn

    3 lekuk kat depan, 3 buttons kat atas, memory slot kat belakang, 6 buttons controller (FTW!!), virtua fighter (wolf vs pai rasanya)

  3. Mmg Wolf vs Pai pon kat screen tuh…Virtua Fighter cuma kuar kat Saturn & DC jer sebelum jadi multiplat

    fuh…aku ingat lagi zaman tuh layan Strikers 1942 & Daytona kat Saturn member aku time outing ari sabtu. Those were the day

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  6. “Fujoshi, an equivalent type of male otaku for females.” Wouldn’t that be like saying every otaku is a yuri fan? I thought a fujoshi was a female fan of yaoi? What about the female fans who collect moe and yuri merch or watch anime like that or dislike yaoi? Are they still called a fujoshi? I’m just saying that definition sounds a little off to me.

    • “equivalent” in general term. I didn’t go deeply into the term. Just face it that some male otaku are yuri fan or maybe scat fan. Not all fujoshi are BL lovers but some do prefer that way.

  7. Current era is fucking sickening. Pedophilic moe bullshit garbage.

    Otakus were just nerds in the generations before, now they are disgraceful sexual deviant fetishist trash of society.

    Anyone with a room like that should be castrated and hung.

  8. Fujoshi is a term used only for girls who are into BL (Boy’s Love, called yaoi in the West). It’s not a term used for female otaku…

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  10. Why are people talking (okay spelling) so badly here?

    “Mmg Wolf vs Pai pon kat screen tuh…Virtua Fighter cuma kuar kat Saturn & DC jer sebelum jadi multiplat”

    I mean what does that even say!?

    • That’s Malay language (almost language corruption for internet slang). Roughly it means, “Of course that’s Wolf vs Pai on the screen. Virtua Fighter was only released on Saturn and Dreamcast before went over for multiplatform.”

  11. Ok that fujoshi pic is completely inaccurate.
    A real fujoshi would have multiple figures of all sorts of bishies on her shelf. Additionally she would not have “1” poster, she would have multiple fanart yaoi posters splattered all over her walls. While the otaku pics are pretty spot on, the fujoshi/otome ones are completely off lol

  12. Actually there was one Japanese I’ve met, from Jun Auto Mechanic’s President no less, that seems to get the impression (due to Taro Aso being the current PM, i guess) that cute things (kawaii-mono, as he said it) are a big portion Japanese export.

    Me? I lolwut? -ed.

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