Imagine If

Maybe there will be some kind of meteor strikes.....

There were some kind of major catastrophe which eventually turning upside down almost everything. Buildings destroyed. Earth blasted upwards. Debris flying everywhere. People tried as hard as they can to save themselves. But many perished and the outcome is devastating. The great buildings of humanity were turned into rubbles. Things that once were 100 ft high above the ground might ended up 100 ft below. Perhaps a large area of valley might be became several hills. Imagine this as a world catastrophe which only a few of 6 billions of people survived. Technologies were lost although few might be still available. So people ‘restarted’ again. Cities were rebuilt albeit this might take decades or even centuries. Rather than pursuing technologies, people will ended up with survivability first. No big deal. That’s what people required. It’s essential. Tho, survivors are getting older and older until they’re dead. Less and less people remember what was the world like before the disaster. Things going on until people able to live rather peaceful and adequate provisions along with the growing population and the advancement of technologies. Professions became broaden like what we have currently. There might the reemergence of archeology which people start digging up the earth to find the past after 2000 years. There might be findings that these archeologists feel amazed. Imagine if they found a buried room where some bones were found which presumed to be a male and along side with him are a bunch of miniature idols or figurines made of plastics that representing female while there might be also some humanoid form of robots of unknown history…

An example of figurines that was found on a site.

What are these future people might assume? Miniature idols and figurines? They might be wonder about it for years. They might even came up with several conclusions and theories. Along side with that, they might found several more similar sites. More were found in Asia, for instance. More likely there might be nothing like written material. Perhaps there were on those idols but were suggested to be written in something they assume as Ancient Chinese or anything similar like that. Including with some Roman letters. There were thousands of idols. They might assume this as a kind of religion or secret cult of the past. Because they couldn’t find anything like a big shrine that representing those idols. Interestingly, they found a bunch of ancient clothes that more likely similar to the idols which were kept finely in some closets. They also found evidence of the bedding to have cover with images of the idols. They might assume the clothes and stuffs were some sort of ritual materials for the unknown religion or secret cult. These clothes might be used by these ancient people whenever a grand occasion were held among these people at a certain place as big as a hall. Since the lack of evidence, they couldn’t tell when such thing were held. Although these ancient people were assumed to be using the rooms for resting, sleeping, eating and others while taking some breaks outside occasionally although not always.

Hikkikomori. The future archeologists might be not knowing about this.

On an alarming note, almost every sites that were uncovered, there might be at least a body there. Windows and doors were closed tightly. Many of them were buried to death. This strange religion or secret cult might have these people to be locked up in their rooms and not bothering to have themselves to be saved. To make these archeologists puzzled, some of the rooms were not even locked which means they are free to go out if they wanted to save themselves. So they, the future archeologists, assumed that these people would rather have to die with their miniature idols and figurines as if these were their Gods. Evidence later showed that each of them have some sort of device that it assumed to be used as a medium of communication. Sizes where ranging from a pocket sized medium to a larger ones that can be put on a table or rack. Despite covering up a lot of these stuffs, they might not be able to comprehend or use all of these stuffs. Eventually, these stuffs were brought over to museums and books were written about these unknown past. Theories were made but one thing for sure, no one is there to tell what exactly this secret cult was. Things between them were concluded among themselves for sure. General population of the ancient might not aware of them since this kind of culture were very secretive up until their death.

This might be what this ancient cult had in their room. No, this is not mine. I just took it off from the Internet.

Aha, I am writing this because I am bored. On another note, I am quite an avid fan of history. Yes, I love watching Discovery, National Geographic and History Channels. But sometimes I found them as exaggerating when making assumptions. Not that I am denying their capabilities of deducting the evidences that they found but all of these are based on observations while having very few written knowledge about those. Of course, there were written scriptures of various religions but usually these modern archeologists don’t simply trust them entirely while believing more on their intuitions or understanding. I am not saying this just because I have my own faith. But take a deep breath and try to understand that, despite you have your own belief, we mostly believe on what we could see. Things that we believe as truth might be deceitful. A Christian devotee once said that scientists always trying to look at the sky and making assumptions based on what’s happening there as in what they see while not many of them could understand or watch about the living things under the deep oceans, something like that. I picked this off from an online forum between various believers (no, not LowYat.NET).

P/S: Not sure why I am so philosophical today lol. In a way, I might be a little bit stoic about world things and also libertarian. I might be wrong tho.

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  1. And Saint Attila raised the hand grenade up on high, saying, “O Lord, bless this thy hand grenade, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy.” And the Lord did grin. And the people did feast upon the lambs and sloths, and carp and anchovies, and orangutans and breakfast cereals, and fruit-bats and large chu….

  2. Gundams and other mechas = lost tech, machines of war.
    Figures = Deities
    Manga = Holy Scripture
    Anime = Holy scripture in video form.

    @Quaz: i imagine your room would be thought of as a shrine to Horo the Wise.

    • And these scholars would reminisce about the time when being a lolicon was still legal. Who could’ve predicted that Australia would eventually become the sole superpower of a post-apocalyptic future.

  3. I wonder what archeologists will think if they found a porn stash?

    Ah, in the old days, all women dress provocatively (or sometimes not at all) and worship men…

    (O_O)… unlikely.. lol.

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