Insensitive Detective Erika

You're the culprit!

You're the culprit!

Furudo Erika. A young girl who claimed to be a detective washed ashore to the island of Rokkenjima in Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. She was introduced in the Episode 5 of the game (End of the Golden Witch). Intelligent young one but rather insensitive to people’s feelings. Rather, she feels amusing whenever people being accused with her verbal attacks tears like no tomorrow. Actually I wasn’t really interested of this character until I finished playing the fifth game of Umineko. Well, being a piece of witch Frederice Bernkastel, she is somewhat evil to begin with. Solving mysteries is her specialty so that she can have superiority over other people. Personally speaking, my interest with this character grew out of rifyu’s 4koma. Though, she isn’t that really see Battler as a love interest. Anyway, someone like Shinn87 was the one highlighting about her existence as she’s somewhat a flat-chested loli.

Well, if you see some of the pictures of her above, there’s something like she’s on the verge of death, bleeding and crying while holding a gun. Since I haven’t played the Episode 6 (Dawn of the Golden Witch) where she also made an appearance, I don’t have a clue on what exactly has happened. It is assume that she got logic killed or something like that. Furthermore, Bernkastel wasn’t really see her as anything except her being a piece of herself in the game.


Wikipedia says something like, “… after the true nature of her fate is brought to light, she fades from existence and is ultimately removed from the story.” So, that’s the end of her? Pity her.

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