Umineko 4koma by rifyu

Furudo Erika loves Battler so much

Wandering around the imageboards for Umineko no Naku Koro Ni’s stuffs, I stumbled upon these funnily drawn 4koma by a person called rifyu. 4koma is actually mean ‘four-panel comic strips’. While the drawing looks a little bit weird in some sort of way, it’s still a very funny reading material. Especially for those who understand the story of Umineko itself. Though, in this strips, Furudo Erika is somewhat a perverted girl who loves Battler and tries to do various weird things to get recognized by him.

Certainly, there are a lot more. I only put up something that have been translated. A few of them were edited by me.

Even Gertrude likes him

Yeah, like any usual storyline, everyone loves Battler.

Edit: I just added 31 more strips. Thanks Hitman66 for the heads up.

P.S: If anyone knows about this rifyu guy, do tell me more so that I can put up more information about the author.

P.P.S: Oh, just for formal statement, I do not own the any rights from these strips. Also, I wasn’t the one who translated the strips. What I did was editing the bubbles and replacing it with English on a few of the images.

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