How it feels down there?



A fabric is used to not only covering things up but also provides comfortability during motion. The idea of clothing was to protect the body from scratches or injuries as well as embarrassment. From the ancient times to present, we could see how this clothing material evolved through various field of works and places. Inventions were made to ensure safety and ease of use. Soviet Russia survived Stalingrad as they used good and perfect materials that warmed them up during the cold despite their Nazi Germany counterpart having more clothing and surely expensive. British Army personnels were wearing shorts during the North African campaign as it proved to be comfortable but was a disaster in Southeast Asia campaign. Nowadays, synthetic fabric made through to the people as they’re more lightweight and durable. Yet, global warming is kinda making things hotter day by day. Some say it’s just a myth but those scientists trying so hard to prove that they’re right. For that matter, I present you a nopan gallery (technically, girls without panties).

Feels cool, isn’t it?

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