Underpants + Stockings = Pantyhose

Aika x Al

Aika x Al

Pantyhose, which also called tights, is close fitting coverings the the body from waist to feet. Usually made of nylons. Don’t you think that it’s sexy? Girls with nice legs being cover in such thing. Albeit it is a little bit different than thighhigh stockings or zettai ryouiki.  Sometimes black, sometimes brown-ish. But the main point is that the pantyhose was made to the skin can be barely seen from outside. Well… hmmm…. aha…. I felt my pride as a normal good person is degrading now. Oh well…

Actually, you can say that all animu galleries that I’d put here in my blog are somewhat related with my personal fetishism… Ya rly… Somebody shoot me, please. Before I taint this world more.

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