B-B-Baka, it’s not like I wanted to create a gallery about this, you know? Don’t take this the wrong way or anything. I only do this as a mean of example. I-I-I mean you could just pick it off and get amuse with them (and don’t stare me like that). W-Well, it’s not like there isn’t something but I don’t think anything will fit to my liking. W-WHO said that I am care for you?! Someone said that he never get enough of this gallery so I thought I’d give more for your references. That’s…. all, I think. D-Don’t stare me like that again with your malevolent smiles!

P/S: Tsundere, basically means a character who alternates between mean and loving personalities. Biri Biri is considered a Tsundere character as well. Some of these characters are not even tsundere at all but the expressions shown there made me added them in the gallery as well.

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  1. First, do we comprehend the true meaning of the qualities of a tsundere? No, unfortunately… the word tsundere has suffered misuse and decay, and one could say the definition of tsundere has evolved.

    To begin with, the word ‘tsundere’ was born in 2002… an internet term… but the original definition was ‘a character who starts off hostile and eventually becomes affectionate.’ Yes! In other words, it was supposed to describe a change over time!

    And now, it is used to describe the multiple faces of a character. In other words, hostile on the outside, and affectionate on the inside, would be how the word is currently understood.

    I declare here! This is plainly a mistake! we must bring back the true meaning of tsundere and restore this depraved nation! Rise up, citizens!

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