A cat is fine too



I’ve been thinking of making a serious related post earlier but really not sure how to conclude the text well. Maybe I can finish it up later on. It’s not really something new but more just like a rant and some thoughts. Anyway, just let me proceed to my recent fanaticism. The picture above is Taokaka, a character in a fighting game of Blazblue: Calamity Trigger. She’s a catgirl from Kaka village. Yeah, after getting my Limited Edition copy of Blazblue from Sora, I’ve been playing it for some time, I guess. Well, I am playing Disgaea 3 as well (borrowed from Sora). My fondness of Taokaka is due to her voice when fighting and the combos are quite nice to be done too. Speaking of voice, her seiyuu is Chiwa Saito who also voice casting for Hitagi Senjogahara (another love of mine for this new season of animu) of Bakemonogatari and Raspberyl of Disgaea 3.

Perhaps Hitagi Senjogahara gallery after this? Until after I am getting enough pictures to display though :3

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