Glorification of Light Music

A new wave of extreme otaklu moeshits has appeared a few weeks ago. The rising popularity of K-On! has created an uprising of multiple internet fanatism through bulletin boards, fan sites, imageboards and not forgetting blogs. Produced by Kyoto Animation (KyoAni) who also made Lucky Star made possible as an animated series, this series follows through the arts that similar with Lucky Star itself and also the recent Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan. Another relationship of K-On! with Lucky Star is that both are 4-koma (4-panels) comic strip.

A bunch of moeshit characters

A bunch of moeshit characters

K-On! is from Japanese word keion which literally means light music. Tho, the meaning of it is entirely about pop music. Basically the story is about a bunch of students who are trying to prevent the annihilation of the music club at school by reviving it with musical activities while they don’t even know how to play those instruments at all. Sounds typical. But what people can expect from this series is that there won’t be an end of its story, literally. Simply because of it taken from 4-koma strips that available weekly on some magazines or so unlike proper mango tankoubon. Just look at Lucky Star. I can tell that there will be many figurines and other merchandises will be available starting now (including hentai doujins).

Honestly speaking, I am not disliking this series. I’ve even watching some of the episodes, briefly. I got attracted at first because of the arts. I liked Lucky Star’s arts apart from the series itself. Eventually I seldom watching animu anymore and mostly just getting to know about the anime rather than bother to watch it. Most of the time, I only like arts and drawings. That’s why I usually prefer mango than animu. But I’ve had enough with Lucky Star and Haruhi-chan (for being extreme fanatical faggot). Yet again, it’s still tolerable.

Anyway, I just love how things going on over the Internet. Stormy gave his absolute neutral opinions over the animu series while other people seems getting hyped by creating a thread just to acquire the Fender Bass Guitar used by those moe characters and also the booming needs of such guitar at other place. Not forgetting the rage over K-On! popularity that being equalized as shit. In the end, a fanfic of erotic incestuous yuri actions was made available.

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  1. You have to give it to Kyoto Animation, they know what they doing. It is not accident that Mio is most sexualized character in the series. She is the only one with sexy pose in the anime OP.

    Interesting yes?

  2. Not really. If you have followed the manga, Mio IS the fanservice one. While Yui is your standard moeshit which i hate, Mio was promoted to the most level headed but at the same time alluring character of the series

  3. And like everything else, this anime was made to sell figurines, guitars and ero-doujins. LULZ!

    More so because they’ve all got characteristic moe, tsundere, airheaded and very energetic character traits.

    That said, i wouldn’t mind an ero-doujin of Mio screwing Tsumugi.

  4. It’s Hyakko with guitars and hype. Really, if Hyakko had received the same treatment as K-On, no one will notice it as being just another average anime with nothing special to offer. I even dare to say Hyakko is better than K-On because no one likes Hyakko.

    Hell, it ticked me off when people received K-On as somekinda anime reinvented (LOL Halo). Why won’t they hype other animes of the same genre like Sketchbook when all the premises of the show are nearly similar to K-On? Yes, I’m awesome for being the only few people to watch Sketchbook and enjoy it while others don’t give a shit at all.

    PS: Await my epic blog entry on K-On after my exam!

  5. I am not sure but before Lucky Star, I do not know any anime in that genre which being hyped to the max. For example, Azumanga Daioh was being popularized but I don’t think anyone getting RAGE about it. Well, the rage meter was rising on Lucky Star when some of the Americans couldn’t get a grasp of the jokes (since the jokes were based on Japanese locals) while some others didn’t give a shit about the jokes as they continue watching it because of moeshits. For those who couldn’t understand the jokes because of cultural barrier getting annoyed with those who love the series. That’s the birth of Lucky Shit fandom.

    K-On! is just an animu where KyoAni applied the same tactic as Lucky Star. Good thing about these kind of series are that they have a long span of survival because no definite confrontation between mango and animu as they’re started as 4-koma.

  6. Well like I said, I liked it when it was the 4-koma. But when it was made into an anime, people like Czero who don’t know shit about quality starts to hype it. As with anything Moe, it sells, especially to people that don’t care less about they story as long as they can fap to countless yuri-ish scenes that is prominent in the anime but was missing in the original mango work. That’s why as a whole, I don’t fault the series as the original creator just wanted a fun story for people to have fun reading.

  7. Aii, moar and moar of you guys already posting impressions of K-On.

    I intended to do it sometime (together with a bunch of other animu) before today, but meh… I’m too preoccupied with a certain subject in an exam coming up this week. Cue “THIS SUBJECT… THIS SUBJECT! I WANT TO SEE NO MOAR OF IT!”

    But I’ll say just this: K-On! is just OK to me, nothing special for a first impression. Yui does remind me of how I do things everyday, though – I am often prone to forgetting things the way she does, not to mention she doesn’t study when it comes to exams (but can excel with studying). But I’ll leave it at that.

  8. meh, it screamed fap-on when i first saw it at konachan (yeah somewhat jahil in the fields of animu). But hey fappers cant be choosers.

    /secretly awaits for any anime that on par with jungle wa itsumo hale nochi guu

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