Not sure why that I feel like to post more into my blog currently. IRL, I have much things needed to be done (especially my Masters’ assignments ._. ). But well, in conjunction with Manchester United’s owned arse at home ground last Saturday, I am very much delighted with Liverpool’s performance. Nyek nyek kambing~ lol (Nanti kalau Liverpool kalah, abis aku kena balik).

Anyhow, today’s topic is about Guitar. Everybody knows this musical instrument. If not, that’s blatant stupidity. Maybe someone lives in Africa or Greenland might never got to know a guitar? So, here goes the anime gallery with guitars.

Oh, if you guys noticed, I also changed my theme a little by adding more random banners above and also the lovely yandere Gasai Yuuno at the background replacing Nagi. The Imeem music has been changed too. =D

  1. Do you accept guest articles? I like the style how you wrote » Guitars, I am in this topic for ages and I would love to write two or three guides right here if you think.

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