So… about me, aye? Well, I don’t really know where should I start. Maskawaih is my name. The full name is Muhammad Maskawaih bin Amat Juhari. Yeah, I know it’s quite mouthful. My friends especially those people at schools calling me Mamat. During my diploma years in UTHM (formerly known as KUiTTHO), people started calling me Mas. I seldom introduce myself with my shortnames, so they simply call me Mas after I tell my name. Hmm, Dark Steno is the name I choose for my Internet persona. I have several others but this is the one that I used for various ocassion. There’s a meaning behind that. Previously, I wanted to put Skotizo Steno Kardia but that’s just too long. It’s Latin or maybe Greek which means ‘dark narrow heart’. Sounds so emo lol. At that time, I decided to use Dark Steno instead. Ever since, my Internet friends called me Steno for short. I prefer that way. Apart from the meaning ‘narrow’, Steno brings a meaning of ‘small’. Literally contradicting to my physical self. Hahaha…

My field of study is Information Technology. I studied for my Diploma in IT from UTHM. In Uniten, I took an IT course which majoring in Graphics and Multimedia. Yeah, I like graphics. Some of my stuffs can be seen at my DeviantArt page. I prefer using Photoshop for editing images and stuffs. I do like programming too especially PHP. But I haven’t touch that programming area for some time. For my website purpose, I simply put along ready-made software and edit them a little bit for decoration purpose. My field is consist of animation too. Mostly I am working around with Adobe Flash. My recent focus of work and study will be involving around mobile learning material and specialize with Flash Lite.


E-mail : maskawaih @ gmail.com (main mailing address)

MSN: greatestman84 @ hotmail.com

Y!M: muhammad_maskawaih @ yahoo.com

Xfire: darksteno

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