Bokeh-ing Mio

B-bokeh tte n-nani?

B-bokeh tte n-nani?

From my last entry about Alter’s Akiyama Mio, I decided to create a photoshoot gallery of the figurine. Being a newfag in photography, I don’t know much about techniques and know-how. Also, I don’t have any DSLR to begin with. I just used my only digital camera, Panasonic Lumix LX3. One of the famous technique in photography is bokeh. It is something like a blur image or out of focus, intentionally. People usually tried to focus on the object that they want while blurring the other parts which are not in the focus. So, I just playing around with the settings and I present you this gallery.

I knew that the picture kinda yellowish. I do hope experts out there give some inputs so that I could improve myself (on techniques, m’kay? Don’t bother asking me to get a proper DSLR).



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14 thoughts on “Bokeh-ing Mio

  1. ok, serious tip for LX3:
    Use shutter priority, aim for long shutter time (need to test some first) but you will need a tripod for this.

    btw RAW isnt necessary under controllable environment like your room… but yeah, it up to you to decide

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